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It’s Official. We’ve Launched!

It’s Official. We’ve Launched!

Jansen here from DUBGEAR.

You might know me as that guy on a mission to fuse great music with good times. But even if you don’t know me – you know what I’m talking about.

Picture a powerful, portable, wireless speaker that doubles as a beer stein and drink cozy. An image of the ultimate party accessory and audio device should come to mind. You know - one you could take with you up to the cottage, onto the beach, or heck, even over to Europe for Yacht Week.

Something you could just relax with around the campfire; listening to your favourite tunes, kicking back and enjoying a cold one…

Well, you’re in luck. Because after a lot of passion fueled work on designing, redesigning, and enhancing the latest audio and beverage tech, we’ve done it. We’ve created the ultimate personal party companion for you.

Introducing the DUBSTEIN.

This souped-up portable audio device and drinking companion is both splash and spill-proof. The main body houses two 3 Watt, 44 mm full range neodymium speaker drivers, a class D amp and a 24-bit DAC.

If you’re no audiophile, don’t sweat it. It’s just geek-speak for ‘this thing sounds freakin’ awesome’.

Did I mention, it also features dual bass radiators to add some low end thump to your beats?

Checking in at 100+ db, the audio is clear and powerful, balancing bass and treble for premium sound.

The DUBSTEIN is smart too. You never need to sync the same device twice.  DUBSTEIN knows. No need to re-connect. 

And it’s able to blast those beats wirelessly from 30 + feet away. But I’m not done yet.

It’s a state of the art portable audio device meant to complete your busy lifestyle. Gotta  grind out some time on the computer before you hit up the cottage? Fill up the DUBSTEIN with a nice cup of home-brewed coffee.

Is your friend calling to tell you to stop and pick up beer and bacon on route to the cottage from the long week at work? You can answer your call right from the DUBSTEIN. Integrated in to this mug is a high-quality microphone that enables you to transform it into a speaker phone - just like that.

Powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, you’ve got 15 hours of playtime on this bad boy.

So what are you waiting for? Summer’s just around the corner.

Be the first of your friends to grab a DUBSTEIN and start enjoying yourself a little bit more with a premium audio device - and must have accessory for good times.



Get your DUBSTEIN today


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