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DubSTEIN™ Style & Design

DubSTEIN™ Style & Design

There’s no question that the DubSTEIN™ is unique – both in style and function.  The world’s first Bluetooth® splashproof stereo speaker with beverage integration has been known to turn a few heads and catch a curious glance.

So what is it about the DubSTEIN™ that grabs people’s attention - besides the 100+ decibels of powerful, 360 degree stereo sound you ask?  Could it be the cast aluminum front crest?  The stainless steel, gear-wave patterned speaker grille cover?  The stylish contour lines and rubber edging?

Kickin’ curves!  The DubSTEIN™ design had many areas of inspiration.  The goal was always to create a high quality audio product that expressed fun but also durability. The curves and colour blocking of the rubber are both functional and have nice curve appeal.

Beer Stein resemblance!  The overall appearance and shape of the DubSTEIN™ was inspired by the popular German beer stein culture.  Many Germans own their own beer stein and have it stored at their favorite brew house for beer nights.  We wanted DubSTEIN™ owners to also feel this sense of pride.  Many beer steins have a front crest.  The DubSTEIN™ does as well – one that is made of pure, solid cast aluminum.  Also, you will notice that most beer steins have a bottom surface that is larger and tapers inward as you move towards the top.  You’ll notice that same shape embodiment in the DubSTEIN™. This profile also helps stabilize your stein so it does not tip and stays planter for optimum sound quality.

Gear Wave!  We at DubGEAR, enjoy fusing music into cool gear!  Our trademark ‘Gear-Wave’ pattern represents this fusion.  As such, you’ll notice that we have incorporated the gear-wave pattern into the stainless steel speaker covers.  And for you keeners with a real eye for detail, you’ll notice we’ve also incorporated subtle gear-wave angles and style into other parts of the DubSTEIN™ – but we’ll let you try to find them!

Handle and controls!  In styling the DubSTEIN™, not only did we want it to work and function well with ergonomic balance and durability, but also we wanted it to look beautiful.   The handle edging, slope, and curvature is designed to fit really well in the hand but is shaped to visually integrate handle with stein body. Styling influences ranged from sports gear to high tech products.

It took us the better part of 2 years to create the final DubSTEIN™ design – so that it could be both fun and stylish.  Cool-tech gear that you could be proud of.  Whether your style is hipster punk, or granola goth, grab your DubSTEIN™, play your favorite tune, and sip your favorite drink!


-The DubTeam

Check it out here!

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