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Spill-Proof? Splash-Proof?

Spill-Proof?  Splash-Proof?

The answer to both is yes!  When you’re out ripping about with your DUBSTEIN, the last thing you want to worry about is interrupting your sweet tune selection with some unfortunate drink spillage.

To give you peace of mind, we have equipped the DubSTEIN™ with a water resistance rating of IPX-4.  “What the heck is an IPX thingy??” you ask.  Good question.  This refers to the ‘Ingress Protection’ that a device has with regards to water penetration. 

To achieve an IPX rating of 4, the DubSTEIN™ had to undergo a special spray test in which water was blasted from all directions for 10 minutes.  Upon completion, the DubSTEIN™ was tested for functionality and water penetration.  As expected, we passed with flying colors – with zero water ingress, and full electronic functionality.

Although we at DubGEAR feel that spilling your drink is a rather unfortunate tragedy, you can at least feel reassured that your tunes will play on, and you can enjoy what remains of your tasty beverage. 

Please remember, however, that the DubSTEIN™ is only water resistant when the charging port door is CLOSED.  So be sure to double check the port door before you pour your blueberry daiquiri and rock out!  And whatever you do, please do not submerge your DubSTEIN™ - it is not water proof.   

Enjoy and cheers!

-The DubTeam

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