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DubSTEIN™ Construction

DubSTEIN™ Construction

When designing the DubSTEIN™, we wanted you to feel that owning a DubSTEIN™ was like earning a rite of passage – a badge of honor.  So we engineered the DubSTEIN™ to construction specifications that would ensure your pride in ownership.

The main body of the DubSTEIN™ is made of lightweight, high-impact polystyrene plastic with silicone rubber edging for durability and grip.  Main body components are secured together with multiple steel screws and internal edges are grooved and lined with special micro-foam to ensure the best possible acoustic seal and water resistance.  Side walls are double thickness to maintain your beverage temperature. The drink insert cup is BPA-free and can accommodate 375ml of either a hot or cold beverage.

The joystick inspired audio thumb controls have been strategically located on the upper handle surface for maximum usability and ergonomic benefit.

Speaker drivers and bass boost radiators are protected by stainless steel, gear-wave pattern covers and the front crest is forged of pure, solid cast aluminum. 

On the inside, the circuitry, power, and audio components are securely bracket mounted with shock absorption foam lining.

The result of our attention to construction detail and use of high grade materials, is a balanced, light, powerful Bluetooth® speaker that will delight your auditory senses – whilst quenching your thirst for a tasty beverage.  We built this ultimate tune koozie® so that you can get out there and enjoy the world.  The DubSTEIN™ is made to travel and NOT to collect dust on your bookshelf (like other speakers we know of...).

So go ahead! Pour it, Sync it, Play it, Drink it. 


-The DubTeam

Try out the DubSTEIN™ today!  Click Here


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