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DubSTEIN™ Packs Serious Sound!

DubSTEIN™ Packs Serious Sound!

When people first see the DUBSTEIN, they are curious. When they hold it, they are impressed.  And when they hear it, they are blown away!   We at DUBGEAR, never get tired of seeing this reaction!  When industry audiophiles and music experts such as Alan Cross (Edge 102.1fm/ proclaim: “This actually sounds awesome!  Wow.”, then we know we must have done something right.

From the first days in the design studio, our mission was to create a product with powerful, clear, 360 degree stereo sound.  For the better part of 2 years, we spent countless hours sweating out the details to make it just right.  We’ve got the soldering burn scars to prove it! After multiple design changes, and several prototypes (machined and 3D printed), we finally crafted the ultimate drink vessel with the perfect balance of stylish design, durable construction and powerful, dynamic sound.

On our final round of prototypes, we were delighted to discover that the DUBSTEIN was inherently blessed with acoustic magic.  The main body enclosure, with its spherical shape, minimal sound reflection, and above-average air volume - was essentially a miniature music hall that produced balanced, clear acoustics.  In order to take full advantage of this design, however, we needed to carefully select speaker drivers that offered the best combination of weight, durability, and performance.  Additionally, we needed to source a set of dual passive bass radiators that would compliment these drivers with the right amount of thump.  To test the many driver and bass radiator samples, we created our own enclosures to determine which combination offered the best results.  We installed and tested many combinations and, after many coffees and take-out meals in the studio, we determined that a pair of premium 3W, 4Ω, 40mm drivers combined with dual 45mm2 metal-pad bass radiators, created the ideal sweet spot of 100+ decibel loudness with precise clarity and bass.    

In the end, our mission was to create a fun Bluetooth® stereo speaker drink vessel that was enjoyable to use, but most importantly, it had to sound freakin’ great!  This was important to us because we knew it would be important to you.  After all, why would someone invest so much time and energy creating cool tech gear if it didn’t work and sound great?

We invite you to test the sound quality for yourself.  We know you won’t be disappointed.  Load your favorite playlist and a tasty beverage, and head to the beach, go camping, or simply have your DUBSTEIN hang with you at the side of your BBQ for a little companionship.  Press play and away you go! 

Where will you take your #DUBSTEIN? 


-The DubTeam

 Try it for yourself!

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